Taasaa: Nepalese soldiers often march to the rhythm of the Taasaa, which, these days, is found in the District of Kapilvastu near […]


Pinwaachaa: The Kathmandu Valley’s Jyapu caste traditionally played the Pinwaachaa. This bamboo instrument (38cm-50cm long) had fallen into disuse but has been […]


Naagphani: Yogis play this copper instrument at Changu Narayan Jaatraa and at the Melaa of Swargadwari and Goshainkunda. At Changu Narayan temple […]

Kokil Muhaali

Kokil Muhaali: The music from the Kokil Muhaali, one of seven Muhaali belonging to the Kapali caste, is sweet and pleasing to […]


Jhaal: The Jhaal is held in both hands by the handles at each end and is shaken while singing hymns and Bhajana […]


Bheri: The Bheri is an old instrument (53cm long) played at the Nuwakot palace in Nuwakot while worshiping the Goddess Bhairavi. In […]

Karnaali Baaja

Karnaali Baajaa: This is an ancient instrument used for playing melodies of the traditional folk music of the Damaai caste of Western […]

Raani Maadal

Raani Maadal: The Raani Maadal is so called because it is big and beautiful; the queen of drums. It belongs to the […]


Shikhar: This copper instrument is popular with the Damaai caste and is found only in the Gorkha District. It is a long […]


Sahaanaa: In the hilly regions of the Far Western Region of Nepal this curved wind instrument is favoured for playing melodies. The […]