Raani Maadal:

The Raani Maadal is so called because it is big and beautiful; the queen of drums. It belongs to the Magar ethnic group from Western Regions. This double-headed drum is made of Khamaari wood and is 60cm long. Both heads are covered in cowhide but they differ in size. The largest (20cm diameter) is known as the female and the smaller one (16 cm diameter) is known as male. Tuning paste spots in the center of each hide are of correspondingly different sizes. This drum is also wider in the middle than at either end. Both hands are used to beat a rhythm to accompany folk songs such as the Sunimayaa and Yaanimaayaa from the western part of the District of Palpa. The Raani Maadal is larger than the common Maadal and has a very sweet tone.