This copper instrument is popular with the Damaai caste and is found only in the Gorkha District. It is a long (approximately 90cm) uniformly narrow tube throughout most of its length with a distinctive deep U-shaped bend in the middle but widens out into a bell after the U-bend. When played by particularly skillful musician it is capable of an unusually wide range of notes. The skill resides in the player’s ability to force his breath through closed lips and to alter the fine balance between tongue and lip with the mouthpiece at the corner of his mouth. Most villages in the Gorkha District are sited on hilltops to avoid malaria and when there is going to be a festival in one village the sound of the Shikhar informs surrounding hilltop villages. It is also believed that Lord Shiva is fond of the Shikhar’s music so it is played especially to please Him. Before and after playing this instrument it is deemed necessary to wash it in holy water i.e. water that has been purified with blessings from a priest.