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Nepalese Folk Music and Musical Tourism

The relation between music and us is older than the relation between our languages. Musical creations like clapping hands, whistling, ha… ha …, hu… hu… were the first musical creations to express the human feelings.

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Nepali Lokbaja, Musical Instruments of Nepal
Musical Instruments of Nepal

This instrument belongs to the Tharu ethnic group of Udayapur District but is also found in other places. The Golki is made by nailing deerskin over one end of a hollow section of bamboo 18cm in diameter.

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To make this melody instrument of the Limbu ethnic group three bamboo pipes each about 4cm thick are attached together side by side.

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This instrument is carved from Gurrans wood and has a figure of a Shardul at the top of its neck. It can have between six and eight strings and is used to play either rhythm or melody.

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Unmarried young women of the Limbu ethnic group living in the hills of the Eastern Region play the Taa. It accompanies the Dhaan Naach a dance performed on the threshing floor after the rice harvest.

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International Folk Music Film Festivel Nepal 2012
Programme and Film Screening Schedule

(Nov 23-27)

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International Folk Music Film Festivel Nepal 2012

Terms and conditions

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