Sahaanaa: In the hilly regions of the Far Western Region of Nepal this curved wind instrument is favoured for playing melodies. The Sahaanaa is 45cm in length and has a copper bell at the lower end. The body of the instrument is carved in two halves from Khayar wood, which are fitted together lengthways. There […]

Dalle Shankha


Dalle Shankha: The Dalle Shankha is found particularly in homes of the Brahmin and Chettri castes but is also available to households of other castes. It is played (five times three blasts) before both morning and evening meals. It is also played three or five times at both morning and evening prayers and is a […]



Murchungaa : This old Nepalese folk musical instrument (7.5cm in length) made of iron, is believed to be the favorite of Lord Shiva. It is similar in shape to Shiva’s Trishula, to Shivalinga and to the sacred sound Om as written in the Devanagiri script. It is also believed that Kirateshwar Mahadeva brought the Murchungaa […]



Tungnaa: This instrument is a favorite of shepherds in the Himalayan area. It has four strings, an overall length of 75cm and is made from Gurrans wood. There is a carving of the head of a Shardul at the top of the neck. The body of the instrument is covered with sheepskin and the strings […]



 Saarangi: This is the most popular and famed of all Nepalese folk musical instruments and originates with the Ghandharva (Gaine caste) of the Gandaki Zone. It is made of Khirro wood and the lower part of the body is sometimes covered with the skin of a monitor lizard and sometimes with goatskin. It is 45cm […]

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